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Farm Day Camp 2014

Price: $185.00

Date: April 23, 2014

At Farm Day Camp, Children Learn Firsthand About the Farm, Food, and the Natural World That Sustains Them
This year there will be a variety of fun and new choices for a great summer of Farm Day Camp fun!  All camps are hands on and designed for children to build relationships with the natural world.

4&5-year-olds: Half day fun from 9:00 am to Noon. Bring your swimsuit and your curiosity!

June 16-20 AND July 21-25

Little Sprouts Camp: Spend each morning meeting and feeding farm animals.   Then plant seeds, make crafts, and take a quick dip in the creek.  This is a fun week full of farm discovery!


July 7-11

All About Animals Camp: Spend each morning meeting and feeding a different farm animal.   Then make a craft or do an activity with that animal.  There will also be time to explore the garden and take a quick dip in the creek.  This is a fun week full of farm discovery!


1st-3rd graders: All-day fun from 8:30am to 5:pm.  Bring your swimsuit, a bag lunch, and your curiosity!

June 2-6 AND June 23-27

Gross Camp: How gross can it get down on the farm? Come and find out!  This week of Farm Day Camp will focus on bugs, dirt, worms, poop, pigs, snakes, and even cow farts!  And there will be lots of traditional Farm Day Camp fun too (like playing in the creek).


June 9-13 AND July 14-18

Too Much Farm Fun: Take care of all the farm animals, grow food, do a little cooking, eat a little homemade ice cream, and play in the creek!  All these fun activities will provide an experiential picture of where food comes from!


4th-6th graders (& experienced farm day campers):

June 16-20; 8:30-5 M-W; Thurs overnight and leave a noon on Friday

Discover Natural Resources Week…

Growing food requires rain, sun, and healthy soil, right?  This week explores these natural resources that we rely on in our daily lives.

Campers will explore where our Greeneville water comes from, and where it goes when we’re finished with it.  Go canoeing and explore underground in a cave!  Go hiking and explore how soil is regenerated in nature.  Also, stay overnight on Thursday in a solar powered straw bale lodge.

Limit 8.  $225

July 28-Aug 1; 8:30-5 M-F

Moove over Farm Day Camp: Discover Dairy Week…

Wanna learn an awesome magic trick?  This week you’ll learn how to turn grass into ice cream—all you need is Bella the Cow!  Come milk Bella AND explore how milking animals work inside and out.  Along with that, experience all the yummy things that can be made with milk! We’ll show you the weird and wonderful steps in the process.

Over the week, learn about all 4 cow stomachs and what each of them does.  See what an udder looks like on the inside.  Visit a production dairy, see cheese making on a huge scale and make your own mozzarella, yoghurt, butter, ice cream and more!  Be sure to wear special boots for poop protection!  And don’t worry…there will be plenty of time to enjoy hanging out on the farm and to play in the creek too!

Limit 8.   $185

2870 Holley Creek Road
Greeneville, TN
37745 Map and Directions

Available Spaces: Unlimited

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